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DuPont WA Trail Maps

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The Grand Junction

Description: Located at the Southern tip of Edmond Marsh between the Historic Village, Bell Hill and Edmond Marsh, this area of DuPont known as The Grand Junction is the junction point of five trails. Based on the image shown above clockwise: Ross Trail S. (Historic Loop Trail), DuPont Railroad Trail W., Ross Trail N. to Girl Scout Council HQ, Bell Marsh Trail NE., DuPont Railroad Trail E. You can get to this area the quickest by parking on DuPont Ave in the Historic Village at the North end of the street.  Look for the natural steps leading down to Ross Trail.  There is also a trail without steps located a few feet East of the steps that can get you there too.  Download Trail Map

Historic Village Loop

Distance: 2.7 miles
Trail Type: Dirt and gravel trail with some paved areas
Description: The largest trail in town is actually a mix of trails in the natural area that buffers the Historic Village and Northwest Landing. Part of the trail that is located at the end of Barksdale and runs behind Haskell is dedicated to Wilbur Ross, a DuPont resident, who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. The trail provides connections to other trails that connect with Lake Sellers and to Bell Marsh. Parts of the trail are also paved. This trail also connects with The Grand Junction. Download Trail Map

DuPont Railroad Trail

Distance: 2.2 miles
Trail Type: Dirt and gravel
Description: Starts at Wilmington Drive, then goes through Historic Village and North straight through Edmond Marsh then West behind the South side of Edmond Village. This historic trail was the old railroad line that was used by the DuPont Company for the transportaion of workers from the Company Town to the Powderworks. At the Northwestern end of the trail there's a paved trail that goes South to become the Edmond Village/Palisades Village Connector Trail. This trail also connects with The Grand Junction. The trail could also be covered during very heavy rain periods or flooding. Download Trail Map

Bell Marsh Trail

Distance: about 1.5 miles
Trail Type: Dirt and gravel plus areas of paved trail
Description: Connection trail between DuPont-Steliacoom Road and The Grand Junction. This access road trail is great for mountain bikes, hiking, and cross-country running. There is no parking at either end of the trail so you would need to access this trail from the street or within the city limits of DuPont. Download Trail Map

Wilbur Ross Trail

Distance: about .5 miles
Trail Type: Dirt and gravel trail
Description: Named after DuPont, WA resident and Congressional Medal of Honor winner Wilbur Ross, this majestic and scenic trail loops around the Historic Village of DuPont. Large trees and shrubery along with long open straightaways, small inclines, and rugged terrain at times makes this trail a favorite for everyone. Bring your camera with you because as there are lots of wildlife along the trail including numerous birds and deer.Download Trail Map

Edmond Village/Bell Hill Connector Trail

Distance: about .5 miles
Trail Type: Dirt and gravel trail
Description: Located at the East end of Edmond Village, this trail winds through the Eastern portion of Edmond Marsh which will then connect with Wilbur Ross Trail at the back of the Girl Scout Headquarters. Download Trail Map

Center Drive Trail

Distance: 1.9 miles
Trail Type: Paved trail
Description: This paved trail on both sides of Center Drive serves as a major route for pedestrians and bikers in the city. It connects with many of the other trail heads throughout town so you can go from paved surfaces to wooden improved trails quickly. This trail has areas of small inclines and weaves through majestic evergreen trees over 100 feet high. Great for walking, jogging, running, biking, rollerblading, etc. Download Trail Map

Yehle Village/Palisades Village Connector Trail

Distance: .7 miles
Trail Type: Paved trail
Description: A great stretch of paved trail that buffers up against The Home Course Golf Course that is great for jogging, running, biking, rollerblading or skateboarding. Start at Center Drive to connect with McNeil Street, turn left to head towards Yehle Village or right to go to Hoffman Hill. Download Trail Map

DuPont Powderworks Park Trails

Distance: Assorted sizes
Trail Type: Paved trails
Description: These trails are located primarily inside the DuPont Powderworks Park area and adjacent housing areas in Yehle Village. They are great nature trails with plenty of trees and brush that intertwine throughout the park and neighboring areas. Great for walking, jogging, running, biking, rollerblading, etc. Download Trail Map

McNeil Street Trail

Distance: 1.8 miles
Trail Type: Paved trail
Description: The largest paved trail in all of DuPont offering views of Mount Rainier, the Puget Sound and The Home Course Golf Course that connects the top of Hoffman Hill to DuPont Station. The trail is very wide so it can accomidate walkers, joggers, runners, bikes, skaters, etc. Since this trail weaves through residental areas, be aware of street crossings. As you reach the corner of McNeil Street and Ridgeview, the remainder of the paved trail is all uphill which would challenge even the toughest riders. Download Trail Map

Hoffman Hill Loop Trail

Distance: 1.6 miles
Trail Type: Wooded trail
Description: These trails surround the outer areas of housing in Hoffman Hill. The trails are wooden and gravel at some points. The trails located along the cliffside have minor views of the Puget Sound and steep cliffs. The trails located on the Eastside of Hoffman Hill are natural areas buffered adjacent to housing. These are some great hiking, walking, terrain bike riding, and exploring. Download Trail Map

Wilkes Observatory Trail

Distance: 1.5 miles
Trail Type: Wooded, rocky, and improved trail
Description: Ready for adventure? This trail has everything! The trail starts and the corner of Ridgeview Drive and McNeil Street where you will walk down a paved path located along the sidewalk and then turn left towards the Puget Sound. The trail starts of easy as it takes you back in to the wooded area along the fenceline of The Home Course Golf Course. Stay along the fenceline as you turn right and proceed down and then up a steep rocky path. The rest of the trail out to Wilkes Observatory is a trail mixed with gravel and dirt. On great weather days you'll enjoy the majestic views of the Puget Sound while walking past the natural landscape filled with large trees and brush. Be mindful of the areas along the path that come close to the cliffside! You've reached the end of the trail when you see the white marker for Wilkes Observatory.  Download Trail Map

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