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4th Quarter Fitness Boot Camp (DuPont WA)

4th Quarter Fitness Boot Camp (DuPont WA)

Fitness Boot Camp For Men & Women

When: Mon, 4/9/2012   Add to my Yahoo / Google calendar
Time: 6:00-6:55
Where: Powder Works Park  
Cost: See Website

Event Point of Contact:
Sabrina Lewis

Event Details
4th Quarter Fitness Boot Camp Presented By Sean Lewis, Ex Professional Football Player Shed Those Extra Pounds & Tone up with: Isometric Strength Training, Flexibility Training, Fat Loss, Cardiovascular Exercise, Agility Drills, Muscle Toning, Boxing Drills 5 Week Program Includes: 15 - 1 Hour Motivating & Inspiring Training Sessions Off Day Stretching & Work Out Suggestions Before & After Assessment Healthy & Tasty Recipe Ideas The Biggest Loser Wins Gift Certificate!!! Camp Dates April 9th - May 10th Mon, Wed, Thurs 6:00pm-6:55pm We work with any budget...just give us a call to reserve your spot! Phone: (253) 283-7942 Email: ctgbootcamp@gmail.com Visit Website: www.changethegame44.com Under Fitness Boot Camp Tab

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